Collection Den Haan & Wagenmakers. Historical Dutch chintzes.


Materiaal: 100 % cotton cloth
Breedte: 26 x 75 cm/ 10.5 x 30 inch p.piece cm
Patroon: 26 x 75 cm/ 10.5 x 30 inch cm
Bijzonderheden: 30 different patterns

30 different patterns from our collection Den Haan & Wagenmakers reproductions and own edits to authentic documents. Total approximately 4 meter in a fancy giftbox for a special price in Euro € 75,00 .

€ 75,00 per stuk

Let op! De hieronder ingevoerde aantallen zijn: per stuk!

  • Delivery within 2-4 working days
  • Unique designs
  • Always printed with pigments

Product information

Giftbox containing 30 different patterns from our collection historical Dutch chintzes.


Supply from stock Delivered in the Netherlands and Europe in up to five working days If the product is not in stock, it will be printed with a lead time of up to around 14 working days.


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4. Supply from stock Delivered in the Netherlands and Europe in up to five working days If the product is not in stock, it will be printed with a lead time of up to around 14 working days.

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Washing instructions

Our collection is printed on 100% superior cotton fabric. As mentioned, the fabric is printed using pigments. Briefly put, that means that no discolouration is possible. In normal use the fabric does not fade. Do not expose to excessive full sunlight.

The fabric is finished with a sheen that looks a little like an antique chintz glaze. This sheen is comes from the heated cylinders, without any addition of liquid or synthetics. If you wash or rinse the fabric, this sheen will largely disappear. The effect can be reproduced to some extent by applying a hot iron.
Because of the finishing treatment after printing in the factory, washing before use (for example, in patchwork) to avoid any shrinkage is unnecessary. We advise against it if you want to keep the lustre on the chintz. In some cases, the glazed fabric can take more effort to quilt or hand sew. The result repays the effort, and is always more handsome with the sheen.