Antique textiles

Antique textiles and costume pieces, rare and special Dutch quilts.

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Antique baptism blanket, chintz (cotton) hand quilted.  Block printed  and painted by hand in Holland (Amsterdam )or France. ( Alsace)  ±1775. These small blankets were often used on the isle of Marken-The Netherlands. Size: 36 x 28 inch. Sold.

Detail baptism blanket Isle Marken. 18th century.

Chintz fabrics Coromandel Coast India 17th – 18th century.

Runner made of the original border of a chintz ( sits) Palempore with a Tree of Life.  The cotton and glazed chintz was dyed and painted in India-Coromandel Coast. 18th century. Size; 102 x 19 inch. Sold.

Detail of the chintz ( sits) runner

European chintz- handprinted cotton.

Fragment of a European “Sits” . Handprinted on cotton with a deep brown background. Typical for the traditional Dutch costumes in times of mourning. Dutch name is “Nachtgrond” in English this would be “Night ground.” Late 18th century. Printed in Amsterdam – The Netherlands. Size 40 x 17 inch

detail of the fragment “Nachtgrond”

Large panels with Tree of life . Block printed in Genua -Italy

Block printed large panel with a Tree of Life. Also typical for Genua-Italy dated 1845. ” Cotoni stampati e mezzari”.   This panel is sold.


Antique block printed panel with Tree of Life. Printed in Genua-Italy dated 1845. The top border is not pictured but included.

detail of the center.

Blockprinted panel/Palempore. Tree of life with 2 roosters. Probably printed in Ribeauville- Alsace. France. 1930. Two authentic panels from our private collection now for sale. One just as a plain cotton panel and one completely quilted by hand. Dimension: quilt l. 222cm x w. 142 cm. / 88.8 x 56.8 inch.  panel/fabric 245 x 142 cm. / 98 x 60 inch.

Special quilts.

Special quilt made of our complete collection Dutch fabrics. Inspired by Dear Jane , hand made by Rieke Bonting. 1999.

Detail ‘Dear Jane”

Special quilt hand made ( not quilted but knotted ) with old and antique triangles of mostly Dutch cotton fabrics. Made by Marianne Zondervan for the bridal bed at Muiderslot near Amsterdam in 1995.

Special quilt made for the exhibition “Dutch Garden” at the Baptist Church at the Singel in Amsterdam in 1996. 160 x 210 cm/64 x 84 inch.

Dutch quilt. Machine pieced and quilted by hand. 1995. All fabrics used are from the Collection Den Haan & Wagenmakers. Dutch checkers and block prints. Size: 202 x 156 cm. / 80.8 x 62.4 inch

Quilt made of antique pieces Toile de Jouy. Dessin ‘Pillement” Charles Burger -Paris. Size 160x 190 cm./64 x 76 inch.

“Crazy quilt” machine made with scraps from the Isle Marken. Willemien Bruigom-Six. Broek in Waterland 1995.

Antique shawls – handprinted cotton.

Shawl, block printed on cotton. Origin Alsace – France 19th century. Used in many regions in The Netherlands up till now in Spakenburg.  Sold.

Detail of a corner of the shawl.


Shawl block printed on cotton. Origin India 18th /19th century. Size 32 x 32 inch. Identical example collection Victoria & Albert Museum. London . UK

Detail  corner shawl

Medaillon in center of the shawl


Shawl deep purple background. Handprinted on cotton.  France – 19th century. Used in the traditional mourning costumes  of for example Spakenburg- The Netherlands. Design “Vieljaars”. Size: 28 x 28 inch

Detail of the purple shawl


Shawl handprinted in the Provence. Dessin Charles Demery. ± 1935. Size: 30 x 30 inch

Detail of the shawl


Shawl handprinted in the Provence . Dessin Charles Demery. ± 1935. Size 30 x 30 inch

Detail of the shawl

Special liberation apron.

Dutch liberation apron. Made of cotton scraps with a back and final border in orange, of course! 1945. Good condition.

Collection of 40 different antique check scarfs Island Marken

Antique check scarfs, rest ribbons traditional costume Island Marken 19th cent. Sold.

Box with check scarfs, skirts and 2 smocks with pewter buttons. Island Marken. 18th – and 19th century.

Box with check scarfs and skirts and smocks Island Marken. Sold.

Traditional costume corsets Island Marken.

1.Front of a traditional corset belonging to the costumes of Island Marken. Silk changeant chestnut sheen with silk embroidery of 5 roses. Whalebones inside the vertical stripes. 18th century.

1.Back of the same corset from Island Marken.


2.Front of a traditional corset belonging to the traditional costumes of the Island Marken. Silk changeant purple sheen with silk embroidery of 7 roses. Only for special occasions. Whalebones inside the vertical  stripes. Late 18th century.

2.Back of the same corset Island Marken. 7 roses.

2.detail 7 roses


3. Additional corset from the Island of Marken. Silk changeant sheen grey green with embroidery in silk 5 roses. Late 18th century.

4. Additional corset from the Island of Marken. Silk changeant sheen pale purple with embroidery in silk 5 roses. Late 18th century.

5. Additional corset from the Island of Marken. Silk changeant sheen taupe with embroidery in slik 5 roses. Late 18th century.

Dutch samplers.

Sampler silk on linen. Origin Island Marken. not dated. 18th century.

Detail sampler Island Marken.

detail sampler Island Marken

Detail sampler Island Marken.


Dutch sampler,  silk on cotton. Dated 1833.

Detail sampler dated 1833

Detail sampler dated 1833.



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