Antique silver and gold jewelry

Antique silver  and gold jewelry belonging to the various

Dutch traditional costumes.

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Golden headband  with ‘side feathers’ and ‘stitching needles’ to attach the lace cap.   Dutch gold hallmarks 1888. Sold. For similar jewelry please contact us.


Red coral necklace , 3 rows with golden clasp. North Holland- 19th century.

Antique Bohemian garnet necklace 5 rows. Golden clasp decorated with small garnets Walcheren-Zeeland. ±1900



Antique red coral necklace, 5 rows with golden clasp decorated with small corals. Walcheren-Zeeland. ±1900

Antique red coral, 3 rows. Golden clasp with hair decoration on ivory. Volendam – N.Holland. ± 1900.

‘Gitten’ necklace- 5 rows with silver clasp. Mourning jewelry for Zeeland -Veluwe en Overijssel. ±1900

Carnelian necklace with golden filigree clasp, ‘ton’. The Netherlands 19th century. Small golden forehead needle belonging to the traditional costumes of Rijnland, South -Holland.

Golden jewelry , brooches, earrings, cap hangers and fore head needles. 

Golden brooches and jewelry for the costumes chest part.  On the left 3  brooches  gold with garnets, worn in Walcheren-Zeeland.  19th century.

Golden fore head needles North-and South Holland. 19th century. Golden brooche with Bohemian garnets and glass. 18th century.

Golden ear- and cap hangers. The Netherlands 19th century

1. sold.



4. sold


Various golden neck buttons belonging tot the fishermen costumes from Zeeland and around the former IJsselmeer, like Urk-Spakenburg, Volendam and Marken. 19th century.

Traditional Dutch gold rings. On the right a pair of Roman Catholic wedding rings of Zuid Beveland-Zeeland. ±1900. In the middle vertical Amsterdam approved ring, 18th century.
On the left various mourning rings with hair decoration often hidden inside. 3 on the left side are sold.

Various brooches belonging to the traditional costumes of Romain Catholic North Brabant and Limburg. 19th century.

Pair of golden hat/cap hangers. Costume Cadzand- Zeeland. The Netherlands. 1850.  L. 9 cm/ 3.6 inch

Pair of golden cap/hat hangers used In the southern part of the Netherlands. 1850.  L. 9 cm./ 3.6 inch

Pair of golden earrings. Worn in Groningen- The Netherlands. 1850.  L. 5.5 cm./ 2.2 inch

Pair of silver mourning hat/cap hangers. Traditional costume southern part of the Netherlands. 1850.   L. 9 cm./ 3.6 inch

Below rare single golden hat/cap hangers belonging to the various traditional costumes from Zeeland -The Netherlands.      Details of front- and backside.  Decorated with crystal, garnets, pearls and coral. Length is  9 cm/ 3.5 inch.  Second part 19th century.

Nr. 1. Front side filigrain with coral.

nr. 1.  Back side, garnets

Nr.2.  Front side,  garnets and pearls

Nr. 2.  Back side , filigrain.

nr. 3.   Just the front side, crystal.

1. Single golden cap hanger decorated with coral worn in Cadzand- Zeeland. The Netherlands. 1850.

Identical single golden cap hanger worn in Cadzand- Zeeland. The Netherlands. 1850.


Golden mourning brooche. Young boy painted on ivory. 8 marks in the edge symbolizing the age of the boy. The Netherlands 19th century.

Back of the mourning brooche. Hair composition on ivory. In the bottom of the vase also 8 marks symbolizing the age of the boy.

Silver garments and utensils

Serie of 8 different silver pipe rooters . Holland 19th century.

Silver knot or ball holder.

Silver knot or ball holder with belt hook and ivory reel. Louis 16th style. 18th century. Amsterdam  silver hallmarks.

Idem. Back of the belt hook with the 18th century Amsterdam hallmarks.


Silver jewelry for traditional costume dolls, collection Den Haan & Wagenmakers.

In connection with our former specialization in traditional Dutch costume jewelry, we came up at that time with a doll line for 14 different Dutch traditional costumes


For the dolls we used original paper maché bodies with elastic , porcelain hand painted heads and real hair wigs. Total length of the doll was 50 cm./20 inch.

Each costume was dressed up by ladies and gentlemen doll makers from the region the doll represented. We delivered the dolls, jewelry and sometimes also the fabrics, but the dressing up was made in the appropriate place or region especially to prevent errors.

The dolls with most jewelry like for example Rhineland/Katwijk of North-holland and Staphorst were the most precious examples. The little boy from Marken was the most popular one because of his color full outfit and his long blond curls. Boys of Marken were wearing a flowered indigo skirt up till the age of 6 years. (Photograph down below in the middle.)

The intention was, with the exhibited dolls on the background, to sell the individual parts of the jewelry to the at that time, countless doll makers. The small silver ‘tasbeugeltjes’ ( clamps or clasps for a purse ) were also very popular at the ‘pearl bag knitters’ by that time.

By moving our company from Edam to Amsterdam in the early ‘90s, the production of this dolls collection and the silver jewelry ended. The designing and production of the Dutch chintzes especially for patchwork became our most important business.

After many years have been stored in the studio of our former Silver Smith, we offer the complete collection of casting moulds, including some finished jewelry for sale.

Last catalogue Dutch costume jewelry for dolls 1980.

North – and South Holland.


Volendam, Urk en Staphorst

General for the Netherlands. Shoe clasps and necklaces etc.

Silver clasp for purse and a chatelaine with belt hook , scissors, needle case and pin cushion. ±12 cm./5 inch.  Still available, for sale.

Silver hooks, gold plated for neckerchief beaded tassels Island Marken. Still available, for sale.

Example beaded tassels, not for sale.

Are you or do you know a Silver Smith, it might be interesting to think about a reproduction.

Our former Silver Smith of course would be very happy to provide any relevant information.

Size of the dolls jewelry is geared to the dolls length of 50 cm/20 inch total.

Price information in consideration, please send us your request by email :  and ask for Willem Rudolf den Haan.

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