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Maison au bord de la rivière. Probably situated in Bonnières sur Seine. France. Georgette Agutte. 1867-1922.
Oil on masonite. Fauvist.
Signed: G. Agutte-1914. Size: 120 x 83 cm./ 48 x 33 inch.
Oeuvre description G.Agutte, see Google.

detail “Au bord de la rivière”

Detail signature . ” Au bord de la rivière” Georgette Agutte -1914.

Antique Dutch furniture, folk art and utensils.

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Large Corpus Christi

Large Corpus Christi.  Hand chiseled wood with authentic polychromy. The wooden cross is original, same period. Total height 113 cm/45 inch. width 83 cm ./33 inch. Total height of the corpus 70 cm./28 inch.
Spain,  18th century.

Detail of the head.

Detail of the nailed hand.

Announcement INRI.

Children sledge

Wooden children sledge. Often pulled by a goat with harness and brass bells.  Painted in imitation marble. 
North -Holland .19th century

Chip wooden box/case painted in imitation walnut. Size 24 x 13 x 13 inch

Chip wooden box/case painted in imitation walnut with flower medaillons. Marked Anne Catherine Prost. 1846. Alsace-France.

Top view.

Side view.

Chipwood boxes- “Spanen dozen” 

Several chipwood boxes for sale. This orange-red one was used on the island of Marken. Early 19th century.

This chipwood box in blue was used on the island of Marken. Early 19th century.

Same in Turkish blue-green.

Clogs from Marken.

Set of bridal clogs with the name of the bride painted in front. ” Lijsbeth Zondervan.Jd.” Made and worn on the Island of Marken. 19th -20th century

‘Speculaas’ Typical Dutch spiced biscuit. Wooden mould form. 

Speculaas (spiced biscuit) baking mould form used in the former bakery of ‘Olij’- ” In den Duyvekater”  in Broek in Waterland, 19th century. Representing a hussar and his wife on the other side. The woman wears a head dress/cap typical for North-Holland. Size: 60 x 25 x 4 cm/ 24 x 10 x 1.6 inch


Hanging display cabinet with representation of a saw mill in the upper edge. The Netherlands 18th century. Collection of porcelain not included.

Detail of the saw men.

Hanging or standing display cabinet. 

Hanging or standing display cabinet. Originally from the well known bakery of “Willem Bouwes” Edam. In the ’60 ties painted by artist Meine Visser – Hindeloopen. Glass  on both sides and the door is original. Cabinet is from ±1900 and the Hindelooper painting from ±’60. Size: height. 65 cm. deep 28 cm. en width 46 including the top ledge.

Top of the cabinet.

Frieze front. Bible scene Matth. 25. 1-10

Side frieze.

side frieze

Iron stove  ” Staphorster dwarskachel” with copper and porcelain ornaments, suitable for firing on peat and wood.

Staphorster stove, ‘dwarskachel’. Completely restored and ready to use. The width of the brass top edge is ±115 cm/46 inch. Including brass & copper inserting water kettle and 2 pipes with brass air and smoke regulator. 19th century.

Dutch Stock cans.

Collection of Dutch stock cans. 19th-20th century

3 different wall appliqués, earthenware made in Friesland, Harlingen and Makkum. 19th century. size ± 50 x 60 cm./20 x 24 inch.

1. available.

2. sold

3. sold

Earthenware rhyme plate. Harlingen and Makkum. Friesland 19th century

Earthenware plate with Old Dutch rhyme inscription, free translation, ‘ Everything goes well through diligence and prayer.’ Harlingen and Makkum -Friesland. 19th century, diam. 36 cm.

Earthenware wall appliqués

Wall appliqué as bird case with canary. Makkum-Fiesland ±1900.

Wall appliqué as a bird case with canary. Makkum-Friesland 1950.

Earthenware plates.

Earthenware plate with skating children and a dog.  Decor ‘YS’ ( ICE ) Petrus Regout* Maastricht. 1885

Series of 4 identical plates.

Back of the plate with trademark and stamp.

Series of handpainted earthenware wall plates. Petrus Regout-Maastricht. Diam.: 21 cm./8.5 inch Late 19th cent.

Trade mark Petrus Regout-Maastricht.

Series of handpainted earthenware wall plates. Petrus Regout-Maastricht. Diam.: 21 cm/ 8.5 inch. Late 19th cent.

Trade mark. Petrus Regout-Maastricht.

Series of earthenware plates , design Amazone. Petrus Regout-Maastricht. Diam.” 26 cm./10.5 inch. Late 19th century.

Series of Amazone plates.

Trade mark design Amazone. Petrus Regout-Maastricht.

Wan-Li  China.

Very large porcelain plate. Wan-Li period. China. 17th century. Diam. 47 cm.

Large size porcelain plate in blue on white. Wan-Li period. China. 1600- 1620. Diam. 47 cm.

Kangxi China.

Pair of porcelain plates in blue on white.  Kangxi period  China. 1661-1722. Diam. 40 cm.




Lime-sandstone putti, symbolizing the “Summer” of the four seasons. Hand cut in the south of France or North-Italy, end 18th century. Total height incl. pedestal 1.50 m/ 60 inch.


lime-sandstone putti symbolizing the “Spring” of the four seasons. Hand cut in the south of France or North -Italy end 18th century. Total height incl. pedestal 1.50 m/ 60 inch.

Pair of bronze figures signed with E.Picault. 1833 -1915. France.

Pair of bronze figures representing the high priest Hierogrammate and Pastophore from Egyptian mythology. Original patina and signed with E.Picault. Height of the figures 69 cm/ 27.6 inch. Weight per bronze 20 kg. Perfect condition.

Detail bronze figure representing the high priest Hierogrammate. Original patina.

Detail bronze figure representing Pastophore. Original patina.

signature E,Picault. The stamp of the bronze foundry is missing as well as the black marble bottom.

See description on top of this photograph.

Murano glass chandler 5 arms.

Murano glass chandelier with 5 arms. In perfect condition, complete. Bayonet fittings. Italy ±1935.


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